The LifetimeRisk Project

Long-term risk estimates provide novel information regarding risk prediction that is not obtained through modifications of the 10-year risk window. In collaboration with investigators at Northwestern University, we have pooled individual-level data from participants in multiple, unique observational cohorts to create the Cardiovascular Lifetime Risk Pooling Project. Our objective is to determine the lifetime risks for cardiovascular disease death, fatal/non-fatal coronary heart disease, and fatal/non-fatal stroke for risk factors measured at four index ages: age 45-, 55-, 65-, and 75-years. We believe that these findings could be useful for practicing clinicians to identify novel groups of individuals for more intensive lifestyle or pharmacologic preventive interventions.

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Step 1:

Obtain your
Fitness Rating level (MET)

In order to figure your Lifetime Risk estimate, you must first obtain your MET level and enter it below. To obtain your MET level:
  1. Go to the Rockport Walk Test
  2. Enter your information (you will need to determine your heart rate after a 1 mile walk)
  3. Take note of your MET level
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Step 2:

Find your
Lifetime Risk Estimate

Once you have your MET level, click on the button below to begin your personalized estimate.

Step 3:

Record your
Lifetime Risk Estimate

Be sure to take note of your estimate and contact your physician with the results.